Friday, October 25, 2013

Great Cumbrae - Millport - and Rain

From the top of Great Cumbrae I headed down to Millport. The Cathedral of the Isles was open, so I took a look inside. Known as Britain's smallest cathedral, it is a beautiful building, and on display in the vestibule was a fine collection of ancient cross-stones.

From the cathedral I wandered down to the quiet waterfront. It was a Wednesday, and most of the shops were closed.

And it was here I noticed a worn poster on a pole that advertised trips to Wee Cumbrae from Millport. I dialed the number on the poster and was told that if the weather was okay they could take me to Wee Cumbrae in two days time. Happy as could be I started back to the ferry pier. I intended to walk all the way, a little over three miles, but the skies opened up and the rain came down in buckets. As I took cover in a bus shelter to eat lunch I decided I'd take the bus instead. So when it came along I hopped on, and for one pound sixty had a warm and dry ride back to the ferry. As I rode the ferry back to Largs I was hoping the weather would improve so that I could return in two days and get to Wee Cumbrae.

Two days what should I do tommorow...hmmm...I thought about it, and decided I would return to Great Cumbrae and walk all the way around the island. 

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