Friday, February 28, 2014

Climbing Ailsa - 4

After leaving the lighthouse I started to make my way to the top of the island, an 1100 foot climb. A third of the way up I reached Ailsa Castle. For a short summary of what's known about this little stronghold see this link.

The ground and first floor were intact and I climbed the circular stairway as high as I could.

A window opening on the first floor gave a great view down to the lighthouse.

Time was short, and I still had a steep 700 foot climb ahead of me to get to the top of the island. So I left the castle and followed a trail that climbed straight up to another section of level ground. Here I came across the castle well. It was full of clear water, but with all the birds flying overhead I was not tempted to take a drink. My thirst, however, would soon be slaked by something much better. In my pack was a can of beer I planned to savour while sitting on the trig pillar at the summit.

The well
The summit was now within striking distance. Next time we'll see what the view looks like from the top.

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