A Beehive Book

The photo is of one of the three beehive cells on the Flannan Isles. It shows hundreds of puffins flocking around the smallest cell on the island. The stones in the foreground (lower right) are the top of the largest beehive, a triple cell with an oratory chamber in the middle. 

I have been in love with these beautiful structures for thirty years; structures that are slowly falling apart, one-by one, as those years pass by. For example, in 2018 I revisited a cell I'd seen in Clar Beg (Lewis) in 1998, only to discover that it had collapsed in the intervening 20 years. I've become so enamored with these relics of times-gone-by that I started working on a book about them six years ago. It describes journeys to a hundred Hebridean cells, from Islay to North Rona, and is due to be published by Acair early in 2021.

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