The following are errors in the books that were found by myself and several readers. As you'll see below, some of the errors are incorrect Gaelic place-name translations. I believe the majority of the place-name translations in the books are correct, but there are some that are totally wrong. To the Gaelic speakers out there "Tha mi duilich".

If you find any errors in the books I would appreciate it if you would send me a note at:

Errata - Book 1
Page 24: A bit of a math error here - replace 140 years with 37 years.
Pages 60 & 76: Eileach an Naoimh translates to Rock of the Saint (not Saints).
Page 65: Na Rubhachan Dona may translate to the Evil (or bad) headlands (plural).
Page 118: Neil MacGillavray died in 2009, not 2010. 
Page 142: Rubha Bhrisdeadh-ramh may translate to the headland that breaks oars (not the headland of the broken oar). Not sure on this one.
Page 161: Bealach nan Tuilmean: In Ritchie's 'Iona Past & Present' (1930), this is translated as Pass of the Knolls. But the typeface in the map in that same publication is a bit fuzzy, and appears to spell it Bealach nan Tailmean, which may mean Pass of the Tools (Implements?); a name possibly relating to the fact that some equipment for the Iona marble quarry had to go over this pass. I'm not at all sure about this one.
Page 165: Aoineadh an Taghain translates to the Cliff of the Pine Marten (not cat).  Ritchie's 'Iona Past & Present' calls it the Cliff of the Marten-cat.
Page 190: Susan Gell (not Gill - sorry Susan!).
Page 207: Taigh Faire nan Eilean may mean House of the Watcher of the Isles (not Isle). But I'm not sure.
Page 227: Rubh Aird an Duine may translate to the high headland of the man (not men).
Pages 286, 289, 290, 294: In July of 2015 I received a comment that the trees I saw on Bernera in 2007 may not have been yews. So on a return to the island in August of 2015 I collected some leaves from the trees. They were not yews, but hawthorns.

Addition - Book 1
Page 220: In the 1890s, in addition to the signal board, there was also a 'winding horn' to attract the attention of the Kerrera boatman. I'm sure this annoyed the neighbors, and today all you'll find is the signal board.

Errata - Book 2
Page 13: The rounded end of Rudha Dunain House was actually a large chimney.
Pages 88 & 97: The Gaelic name for Berneray should be spelled: Bearnaraidh an Easbaig.
Page 96: Donald Reid died 29th June (not July).
Pages 101-105: Replace all mentions of Lochmaddy with Lochboisdale. This shows that no matter how many times an author and editors read a story, big errors can slip through. At least the map on page 101 is correct. 
Page 273: It should be noted that the causeway to Eilean Chaluim Cille is tidal.

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