Book 2: Outer Isles

Outline Map: Book 2 - Outer Isles

Contents: Book 2
―Part I: Round Skye―
1: The Fort of the Spiked Heads: Skye
A walk across a bridge of air to the Warrior Queen’s fort, where Cuchulainn learned the art of throwing spears with his toes.
2: A Nine Year Walk to Rubha an Dùnain: Skye
We journey to the fortress of Rudha an Dùnain, where Macleod’s watchmen of the sea lit a warning beacon when the galleys of Clanranald were on the prowl.
3: The Castle with no Windows or Doors: Skye
Now just how do you get into a castle with no windows or doors?
4: An Isle of Song and Mayhem: Isay
We visit an island once owned by Ruari the Venomous, and Donovan.
5: Two Voyages to South Rona
We pay a surprise visit to an island known as a haven for thieves, robbers, and reivers. Then, a decade later, we make it our home. We trek to Rona’s medieval chapel; descend the cliffs to Church Cave; and search for the Norse Tomb high atop the Hill of Eagles.

―Part II: Flying to the Isles―
6: A Winter Visit to Barra
After splashing down on a snowy beach we stumble through gale force winds in search of beer.
7: Four Days to Tiree
I go to Tiree after visiting the Isle of Man for eight seconds.
8: An Autumn Visit to Tiree
A search for gold threatens to sink the island. Then after drinking beer under a golf ball, I hear gunfire in the dark.

―Part III: Back to the Barra Isles―
9: The Blood of the Merry Dancers: Pabbay
After threading the narrow channel below the blood of the Merry Dancers, where the treasure of Mingulay is said to lie, Pabbay becomes mine for a day. Her own treasure is then revealed as I pay my respects to the most mysterious stone in the Hebrides.
10: Berneray of the Children’s Graves: Barra Head
Afoot on Land’s End of the Hebrides to see the children’s graves of Beàrnaraidh an Easbaig.

―Part IV: South Uist the Sound of Harris & St Kilda―
11: The Loch of Weapons: South Uist
A hike to the water-filled crater of the loch of weapons.
12: Two Walks across the Waters: Vallay & Oronsay
After walking to an island we enter a mansion without windows or doors. Years later another walk across the water is made to see the surf-battered ruin of Teampull Orain.
13: The Sea-Gate & St Taran’s Cross: Ensay & Taransay
My hopes to visit St Kilda are dashed to bits. But my spirits rise when I’m given the keys to Ensay and Taransay. We see a chapel buried in sand; a standing stone converted to Christianity; and step on the rattle stone to visit a floating fort.
14: A First Voyage to St Kilda
I fly above a snowstorm of gannets, then, a decade later, float under them. Once ashore I consider dancing atop the Mistress Stone; visit the Amazon village; and slide down slime to the sea. Then, after a night of drinking, my sanity has to be questioned when I see men in ties, and women in heels, storm this remote island outpost.
15: The Cross that Would Frighten Giants: Pabbay & Killegray
Pabbay shuns my advances for years, forcing me to resort to a week-long siege. While waiting for her surrender a visit is made to the causewayed duns of Loch Hunder and the top of North Lee. After finally seeing Pabbay and the cross that would frighten giants, we pay a visit to the beacon-cairn of Killegray.
16: The Monks’ Field: Boreray
The shallow waters of the Sound of Harris are traversed to see Cladh nam Mhanaich, the Monks’ Field of Boreray.

―Part V: Wanderings in Harris & Lewis―
17: The Island That Likes to be Visited: Harris
Crawl into beehive cells; visit a place of treachery; and listen for the call of Tìr nan Òg on the Isle of Mary Rose.
18: Somewhere in the Hebrides: Lamishader of Lewis
Still seeking everlasting youth we let Alasdair Alpin Macgregor lead us to the very threshold of Tìr nan Òg.
19: Dune Tower and the Stone of the Peats: Lewis
Following in the footsteps of John Wilson Dougal a long awaited hike is made from Tolsta to Ness to see the fort of Dùn Othail; stand atop MacNicol’s Leap; and visit Dune Tower and its deserted chapel.
20: A Night in the Beehive Village of Aird Mhór: Lewis
We make a two-day tramp over a land of endless bogs in search of the twelve-chambered beehive cell.
21: A Night in Aird Bheag of the Haunted Isles: Lewis
We hike across the gloomy pass to see what’s left of Aird Bheag. While camping amongst its ghosts strange sounds are heard in the night.
22: A Night in Crolà & the Postman’s Stones: Lewis
The Postman’s Stones are followed across the bogs to spend a night in Crolà.
23: The Scholar’s Road to Direascal: Harris
A hike over the most remote track in the Hebrides: the Scholar’s Road to Direascal.

―Part VI: Expedition around the Long Isle―
24: The Rope Climb of Eilean Mhuire: The Shiants
A night under a hundred thousand puffins, followed by an ascent to their green island plateau on a rope tied to the unknown.
25: Atop MacPhee’s Hill: Mingulay
We climb to the haunted hollow atop MacPhee’s Hill; wander through the sand-buried graveyard; and then watch as the residents of Mingulay emerge from the ground.
26: On the Seven Hunters: The Flannan Isles
We reach for rusty rungs to gain a foothold on the Flannans. Then, after performing the ritual disrobing, we follow the dead-end steps down the cliffs - all the while thinking on three men dead.
27: In Search of a Princess: Little Bernera
A quest ends to find the grave of a princess.

―Part VII: Expeditions to North Rona―
28: Inside Ronan’s Cell: North Rona
After several failed attempts to land we make one last try and, thanks to the perseverance of the skipper, we leap ashore on a swell and crawl in a cell.
29: Return to Rona and Afloat off Sùlaisgeir
We spend two summer days dodging bonxies on St Ronan’s Isle, and then float for an hour off St Brianuile’s isle of gugas.

―Part VIII: Time Travelling through the Isles―
30: Once Round the Hebrides
A journey to islands old and new: the cross of St Taran revisited; afoot on Scarp of the rockets; and a return to St Kilda via the Flannan Isles. Then it’s off to the Monachs, where the monks of old dug a tunnel to the nunnery (or so I was told). Then I take a seat high atop Mingulay to smell the tangle of the isles as the Star of the Sea shines brightly to the north.
An Island to End: Return to Raasay
I perform a ritual, once denied, on the altar-peak of Dùn Caan; and in the process discover something about myself.

Index: Book 2

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