Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Temple-Tomb at Harris

Five miles from Kilmory another set of graves are to be found in the Temple-Tomb at Harris. There’s a stark contrast between this lonely mausoleum and the crowded burial ground at Kilmory. Only three people are interred in Harris: John Bullough, who died in 1891; his son George who died in 1939; and Monica Bullough, George’s wife, who died in 1967. They were the last owners of Rum.

In the hillside above the mausoleum a colorful bit of tile work peeks out from under a mound of turf. John Bullough had originally been buried in a hillside tomb, of which this meager bit of tile work is all that’s left. Apparently someone remarked that the bright tiles resembled a public toilet. So they removed John’s coffin, blew up the tomb, and had the mausoleum built in its place.

Tile work remnant of the old tomb

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