Saturday, October 5, 2013

Biruaslum Fort

Many people visit Vatersay, but few take the time to walk out to see the fortress islet of Biruaslam. And they should, for the walk to see it is one of the best hikes on Vatersay. I caught the bus at the Castlebay Post Office, rode it to Vatersay Village, and then walked north along the white sands of the West Beach. After paying my respects to the Annie Jane monument, I stopped in at the community centre for tea and a scone.

Fully refreshed it was time to do some work, and so I zig-zagged up the southern slopes of Heishibhal Beag. From the summit there was an expansive view over all the Barra Isles. But the view was even better after I climbed another kilometer west to the top of Heishibhal Mor. From there a gradual descent westwards took me down to the sea dyke that separates Vatersay from the island of Biruaslum. The cliff fort that occupies the eastern side of the island can be seen in the first photo.

Biruaslum Fort

I thought I might be able to get onto the island to see the fort up close, but the channel that separates it from Vatersay proved far too wide to jump. 
The Sea-Dyke between Vatersay and Biruaslum

From Biruaslum a coastal walk north led to the beach of Traigh Bharlish (next photo). And from there an easy walk east led to the causeway, where I caught the bus back to Castlebay. It was an amazing day out, and one of the best walks in the Hebrides.

Traigh Bharlish

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  1. It is easy to get on at very low tides but they turn quickly so you need to be alert.