Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ceilleagraigh - Killiegray

The owners of Killegray (Ceilleagraigh) don't exactly welcome visitors (but I went anyway). In fact, the boatman who took me there (who knew I would be writing about my visit) asked that I not mention his name. 

Killegray is a beautiful island, rolling hills and white-sand beaches. It is an historic isle too; the church site at Annait one of the oldest in the isles. But sadly there is not much to be seen at Annait; just the grass-grown outline of the church and a small standing stone, perhaps an ancient tombstone. 

The first photo shows the rolling hills and sandy beaches near Killegray House (late 18th-century). The second shows the holy ground of Annait with its standing stone. The OS map I had indicated that there is a holy well at Annait, but I could not find it. Several years later I came across the RCAHMS page on Annait. In it I learned that the well lies a quarter-mile south of the church site. I need to return to Killegray someday to find it.

The view from the south end of the island looking towards Killegray House
Annait - old church site - Pabbay and Shillay in the distance

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