Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Long Lost Lines of Communication

War brought a series of telegraph lines to the remote west of Lewis. After the war they were left to rot, and it's an odd sight, as you walk across desolate moorland, to see them. Remnants of these lines lead to Kinlochresort from the north and west. Some of the poles still stand, but most have fallen; either rotting away on the turf, devoured by bog, or taken away for building material.

Several of the poles that still stand can be seen on the walk from Morsgail to Kinresort, and a dozen or so can be found east of Loch Grunavat. Here are some photos of the poles near Loch Grunavat (which is a easy walk from Hamanavay). As can be seen in the last photo, some of the abandoned poles have been reused to make quadbike bridges.

The leaning poles of Grunavat
Fallen pole near Loch Grunavat
Standing pole near Loch Grunavat
Pole bridge near the Morsgail Beehives

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