Friday, December 19, 2014

Cille Mhic Eoghainn - Kilvickeon

In the Mull area there are two church and burial grounds known as Cille Mhic Eoghainn (Kilvickeon). They are dedicated to St Ernan, who was the son of St Eoghan, a nephew of St Columba. 

One of the Kilvickeons is on the south coast of Ulva, and to see it requires a long walk (see book 1, chapter 14). The other lies in a remote location on the Ross of Mull. But, that said, you can drive to it. As you travel west on the A849 turn left onto the Scoor road (just past Bunnessen School). After a mile the single track becomes unpaved. Carry on for another half mile, turn right, and after another mile you will reach a parking area at Kilvickeon.

Kilvickeon - Loch Assapol in the distance
I wanted to see the Mull Kilvickeon for two reasons. The first is that mounted on the wall of the 12th century church is one of the rare Scottish Sheela-na-gigs. The site is a great reference for info on Sheelas, and they have a page on the Kilvickeon Sheela. Also see this Mull Historical Society page for information on Kilvickeon.

The second reason I wanted to go there is that the church is the starting point for two wonderful walks. One is a half-mile jaunt to see the beaches to the south (see last photo). The other walk is a four-mile round trip journey to the ghost village of Shiaba. It is one of the best hikes on Mull, and the subject of the next post.

Kilvickeon Church - both gable ends are gone
Kilvickeon Church - The Sheela-na-gig is set into the wall above, and to the left, of the doorway
This photo gives you an idea of how small the Sheela actually is
The Sheela
The beach below Kilvickeon

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