Monday, March 9, 2015

Kilvickeon - Ulva

One of the most beautiful spots on Ulva is the burial ground of Cille Mhic Eoghainn (Kilvickeon). It takes a bit of work to see it, as it's five mile walk from Ulva Ferry. Among others, buried here are many Macquarries and Livingstones of Ulva.

Cille Mhic Eoghainn (Kilvickeon) - Staffa in the distance
There are the ruins of two rectangular structures in the burial ground. Although they have not been specifically identified as chapels, they could be, as they are oriented E-W, and in the 1800s a bell was found here. The site is dedicated to St Ernan, the son of St Eoghan (Ernan's uncle was St Columba). Ernan has another site dedicated to him on the Ross of Mull, 12 miles to the south (the subject of the December 19, 2014 post).

Below are a few more photos of Ulva's Kilvickeon that I took in 2005. See this RCAHMS page for more on Kilvickeon, and this Flickr page for some photos of Macquarrie tombstones.

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