Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Canna Phone Box

I have posted before on Canna's red phone box, once a communications oasis in a large area of the Hebrides with no mobile phone coverage (see this link).  On many occasions it was the only place I could call home during a Hebridean cruise.

The Canna box (about three years ago)
It was not only myself that found the phone useful. In 2009 a 100+ million dollar business deal was concluded here (see this link).

Sadly, the phone, installed in 1955, was not destined to reach its 60th birthday. On a visit to Canna last month I found the box to be derelict and rusting away. What was once an iconic site in the isles will soon look like the moldering boxes on Scarp and Soay.

Canna box - August of 2015
Canna Box

Update: When I visited Canna in May of 2016 I was happy to see that the phone box had been repaired.

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