Saturday, October 10, 2015

Flannan Shore Station

At Breasclete, a mile and a half north of the Callanish stones, is an impressive building that was once the shore station for the keepers of the Flannan light. Like the lighthouse, which lies 30 miles to west, it was completed in 1899. When the light was automated in 1971 there was no need for a shore station, which has since been converted into a block of apartments.

Breasclete Shore Station (2015)
Breasclete Shore Station
Above the door is a depiction of the Flannan light on its sea-girt rock with the words In Salutem Omnium (for the safety of all). My picture of it (below) is a little grainy. I did not want to trespass, so I had to settle from taking a distant photo from the street. See this CANMORE page for more on Breasclete (and a better photo of the emblem).

Flannan Light depiction over the door
Flannan Light

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