Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Temple-Tomb of Rum

I've only had the pleasure of visiting Harris on Rum twice. The first time was in 1997, when my wife and I made the 12-mile round trip walk from Kinloch Castle. The second time was on a circumnavigation of the south half of Rum made in 2000 (see chapter 28 of book 1).

The weather in 2000 was atrocious, gray skies and a constant drizzle, which made for dreary photos. But the first visit, in '97, was on a hot spring day. So hot that when my wife and I reached Harris we put two cans of beer in the nearby Glen Duian River to get cold. The goal of the walk was to see the most bizarre grave sites in the Hebrides, the Bullough's Temple-tomb. Here are a few photos from that amazing day afoot on Rum.

Harris Lodge and the Bullough's Temple-Tomb at Harris
Looking to the western sea from Harris
The meager remnant of the Bullough's original hillside cave-tomb can be seen to the left of the temple
John Bullough's memorial
A beer cools in the Glen Duian River (at bottom)

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