Friday, March 25, 2016

Amhuinnsuidhe Castle

Amhuinnsuidhe (River Seat) Castle dates to 1867, and is one of the easiest castles in the islands to get a close up look at for free. That's because the public highway runs past just inches from its front door. That's not good for the castle-dwellers, but good for those who want to get a close look as they drive by. In the 1960s the owners tried to have the road re-routed behind the castle, but they failed. For the first photo below I parked in a lay-by east of the castle, and walked back to take the picture.

Near the lay-by was a beautiful stone waterfall where the Abhainn Mor tumbles to West Loch Tarbert.

I'm sure the castle-dwellers get tired of looky-loo's slowing down as they drive past to take a picture or two, which is what I did to take the next photo.

Photo through the car window
Over the years I have driven by Amhuinnsuidhe several times on my way to Huisinis. It is a slow, but beautiful drive, along the narrow road as it winds its way across 12 miles of coastal terrain, to where it ends at the amazing beach of Huisinis. And along the way you'll pass what's known as the most remote tennis court in the islands. For more on Amhuinnsuidhe Castle see CANMORE and Virtual Hebrides.

Huisinis beach

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