Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Return to the Flannan Isles - I Hope!

I've made four attempts to get to the Flannans. Heavy seas foiled two of them, a boatman who got a better offer foiled another. But one attempt, way back in 2003, was a success. It was an amazing visit, as we had two hours ashore on a sunny day. Getting ashore depends on the sea-state, but I hope we can get there during our May 21st cruise. If you are interested there are four berths available (see this link). Here are some images from that visit in 2003. Hopefully I'll have more photos to share with you in six weeks.

Looking from the top of Eilean Mor to the westernmost Flannans
East Landing
West Landing
Trolley track down to the West Landing
Crane platform - West Landing

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