Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Author's Memorials - Part 2

In the April 27, 2018 post I described some of the author memorials I've visited over the years. And at the end I mentioned three graves I'd been unable to find. My wife, who is an avid genealogist, decided to surprise me and try to locate these graves. Here's an update on what she was able to find in less than an hour.

Seton Gordon: Though she was not able to find where he is buried, she did locate this memorial stone next to the Skye Museum of Island Life, only 200 metres from where Seton Gordon lived in Clachan.

Neil Munro: Munro is buried in Kilmalieu Cemetery, a kilometre northeast of Inverary. I had searched the cemetery several years ago. And it's no wonder I was unable to find the grave, because there is no headstone. But there is a memorial cairn to Neil Munro in Glen Ary, about 10 km north of Inverary at NN 0969 1901. 

DDC Pochin Mould: It turns out that one of my favorite authors, DDC Pochin Mould, has no grave. She donated her body to medical science. She left an amazing legacy of fascinating books, and to prepare for a cruise late next year (down the west of Ireland) I am currently re-reading her excellent book Irish Pilgrimage. If we're fortunate enough to land on Inishmurray, one of several small pilgrimage islands off the Irish coast, my visit will be all the more rewarding because of her work.

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  1. We know the Seton Gordon one well - it is also a stone's throw from the memorial to Flora MacDonald in the Kilmuir Cemetery.