Wednesday, September 30, 2020

A full year has passed since my last trip to the islands. I hope it won't be that long before I get back. It is photos like the one below that keep me planning return trips; trips that will be better than ever. That's because looking at photos like this make me realize how complacent I'd become, taking for granted that every year I'd be able to throw a pack on my back and find an island campsite with views like this. 

The photo shows the view to the sea from the summit of Cleit nam Bothan Aird, which lies a mile west of the head of Loch Tealasbhaigh. The large loch in the foreground is Loch na Caillich. In the far distance is the island of Scarp, and off to its right end lies the little island of Cearstaigh. No one can look at a photo like that and not want to sit on that panoramic spot and watch as the sun sets over the sea between St Kilda and the Flannans. I will no longer take something like that for granted, and will treat the next time as if it was the last.

The view the other way was just as memorable: in the foreground is a splendid example of the beehive builder's art, with the high hills of Harris in the far distance.


  1. Hi Marc. You are missing The Isles. We are missing your posts. Let's see one or two from your fascinating past travels. Any ideas on the ancient history of the fortification fragments still visible at the seaward end of Dun, St Kilda ? Also, the recent revelation of ancient cultivation marks on remote Boreray caught my speculative imagination. Best wishes in Canada. David Gartside

    1. Thanks David. THe Work I've been doing on a couple of books has diverted me from the blog. I will be back posting once a week shortly.