Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Eilean Righ - The King's Isle

I have an article in the current Scottish Islands Explorer Magazine about Eilean Righ, the King's Isle of Loch Craignish. It was once part of a ritual landscape; just five miles away stands the hill of Dunadd, where the early kings of Dalriada were inaugurated; and two miles to the east is Kilmartin Glen, with its vast number of neolithic and bronze age sites. And then there's Ormaig, a half mile from Eilean Righ. Ormaig has some of the best examples of rock-art in the country. Cups, rings, and rosettes carved in stone for still unknown reasons.

There were two forts on Eilean Righ, so it was well defended. Add to that its easy access to the sea and sheltered anchorage, it is possible Eilean Righ was used by the early kings as an island residence. There was also a royal connection in the 1930s, when the island was owned by Sir Reginald Fleming Johnston, who was tutor to the young Dragon Emperor Puyi from 1919 to 1924.

See the following link to get a copy of the magazine:

The south end of Eilean Righ - Eilean Macaskin in the distance

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