Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Tale of Two Boots - Rhenigidale 2

From the Molinginish stone I continued to an amazing section of switchbacks that steeply dropped 1000 feet to the sea.

Highpoint - Shiants in the distance
The steep descent starts
Switchbacks down to Trollomarig
Bridge at Trollamarig Beach
Trollamarig Beach
From here more climbing awaits to get to Rhenigidale. Before the road reached Renigidale in the 80s, this path was the main way for hikers to get to the Gatliffe Trust Hostel. It would be a good days work to get to the hostel on this path carrying a full pack, and it was at this point that I realized I had been too ambitious. There was no way I could carry on to Rhenigidale and then see Molinginish. So I decided to turn right, take the 'shore' path to Molininish and climb back up the pass to return to the car. Then, on the following day, I would drive to Rhenigidale and hike the path from there to this turnaround point at Trolomarig, so I'd have walked the entire path over a two day period.

The 'shore' path to Molinginish was barely visible, cutting through the deep heather as it headed SE above the coast. I was looking forward to seeing Molinginish, but as you'll learn next time, a quarter mile down the track I'd discover that Molinginish would be unreachable.

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