Friday, July 26, 2013

A Tale of Two Boots - Rhenigidale 3

Although there is a 'shore' path to Molinginish marked on the OS map, it is not much of a path. It started out easy enough, a rough track branching off to the SE.

But it soon turned into more of a game-track that cut through deep heather. A short way into it I had to slowly cross a steep stream that was in spate due to the recent rains. After that, about halfway to Molinginish, I came to a nearly vertical stream, a mini waterfall that had to be crossed. There was no safe way across, especially for someone hiking on their own. In a very disappointed mood I decided to turn around.

After bashing back through the heather to the Rhenigidale path I knew for sure I did not have the energy to carry on to Rhenigidale and then return to Urgha. So I started back up the switchbacks to retrace my walk in.

On the descent to the car I noticed this memorial stone I'd missed on the way up. It is to Duncan Macinnes who died here in 1908, and to his grandson (with the same name) who died near here in 1982.

Next time we'll drive to Rhenigidale to walk the eastern half of the path. And in the process I'll loose my boots.

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