Monday, September 16, 2013

Belnahua of the Slate Isles

Here are two images of Belnahua of the Slate Isles. The first was taken from the highpoint of the island looking over the flooded quarry pits to the Sound of Luing (Fladda is the next island over with the  lighthouse). The second photo shows the ruin of the powerhouse on Belnahua. 

I have seen two versions of the island's name: Bal na Uamh (the place of the cave), and Bal na Uaigh (the place of the tomb). These names make me wonder what was here before they started carving away all the slate. For an excellent description of these islands see Mary Withall's Easdale, Belnahua, Luing & Seil: The Islands that Roofed the World. Another good source of information is the Slate Islands Heritage Trust.

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