Friday, September 6, 2013

Lighthouse Cruise 7 - Canna

From Hyskeir we motored west to Canna. The weather was terrible, and we anchored in Canna Harbour under grey skies and a steady drizzle. Just after we anchored several large RIBs started to leave the harbour after landing people on Canna for a short visit. The drivers of the RIBs (they do not deserve the title skippers) jetted out from the pier at full speed, their heavy wakes bouncing us around just as we were trying to board our RIB to get ashore. Totally irresponsible, not to mention rude and dangerous.

We spent a few wet hours ashore, and I was saddened to see that the Gille Brighde Cafe is no longer in business. In the pouring rain I visited several familiar sights: the old burial ground, the Celtic Cross, the Penance Stone and the two chapels. 

One of the rude RIBs leaving Canna at full speed
Canna Cross, Punishment Stone on hillock to the left
I have spend many pounds over the years calling home from this phonebox
After a night at anchor in Canna Harbour we headed to Tobermory.

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