Friday, March 28, 2014

Livingstone's Cave - Ulva

On a summer walk on Ulva I followed the Livingstone Tail. It took me down a treed glen to the sea. Halfway down the glen the trail passed through an old settlement called Tobhta Livingstone, where the great-grandfather of Dr. David  Livingstone farmed in the 1700s. I believe the name Livingstone was adopted by the clan Mac Dhunnshleibhe (aka Mcleay) after the Livingstones became the rulers of nearby Lismore in the 1600s.

In the cliff face above the old settlement was Livingstone's Cave, and I spent some time exploring it. The cave has been extensively studied, and traces of occupation there date to around 6000 BC. 

For a map showing the route to the cave see this link. For a description of excavations in the cave see this link.

The head of the glen that the Livingstone Trail descends - Inchkenneth in the middle distance
Entrance to the cave
Remnants of excavation work in the cave

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