Saturday, March 29, 2014

South Rona is Popular

In looking at my blog statistics I've noticed that posts on South Rona have seen the most visitors - and not by a little, but by a factor of 10. That is understandable, as Rona is an amazing place. Over the past 20 years I've had the privilege of visiting Rona five times, and two of those visits were week-long stays. For more on Rona see this link about staying on the island, and this link to read Bill Cowie's Rona blog.

Below are a few more photos from South Rona.

Fiona and Donald Macalman (the island managers in 1995) at Rona Lodge
Donald Macalman sees us off from the landing in Big Harbour - this was in 1995, before the pontoon dock was built
View towards Big Harbour from atop Meall Acairseid
My wife inside Church Cave
Schoolhouse ruin - Dry Harbour
Looking north from the hills above Loch Braig
Village ruins above Dry Harbour - you will see a house just about everywhere you look
Cattle grazing in the early morning
Rainbow over Dry Harbour seen from Escape Cottage
An Teampull - Chapel at the south end of Rona
A visitor admires the lush grass around Escape Cottage (we quickly learned not to leave the gate open)
Rona light seen from atop Commando Hill 
That's my name for it (due to the Bren gun shell casings that litter the summit)
The view from Escape Cottage
Bill Cowie (Rona island manager) waves goodbye to us at the end of a week long stay (2007)

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  1. Thank you for the lovely stories and photographs of Rona where both my grandparents were born. Much appreciated