Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Vatersay of the Beaches - 1

Vatersay is known for its wonderful beaches. There are seven beaches, but the vast majority of visitors only see the two largest: Traigh Siar and Traigh Ear, which are near the road. The five other beaches, going sunwise around the island, are Traigh Eorisdail, Traigh a' Deas, Traigh Bharlish, Traigh Caragrich and Traigh Uinessan. 

I first visited Traigh Eorisdail and Traigh a' Deas during on a circular walk around the south end of Vatersay. At the time I did not know that these two beaches were worthy subjects of a walk on their own. I made the walk because I wanted to get as close to the island of Sandray as I could, as my plans to get to Sandray, which lies a half mile to the south, had been foiled by a week of bad weather.

The first photo shows several kayaks ashore on Traigh Eorisdail, and in the distance you can see Sandray shrouded under a bank of dark, menacing clouds. Above the beach (second photo) are the ruins of the settlement of Eorisdail. It is an eerie place, just the gable ends of the houses still stand. Apparently it was common, in the early 1900s, to build stone gables, and use timber for the walls. No roads lead to Eorisdail, and it was finally abandoned in 1966. Next time we'll take a look at nearby Traigh a' Deas.

Kayaks on Traigh Eorisdail
The ruins of Eorisdail

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