Friday, June 6, 2014

Vatersay of the Beaches - 3

Traigh Bharlish may be Vatersay's least visited beach. The locals know it well, and call it Caolas Beach, but most tourists never see it. I visited the beach by taking the bus from Castlebay to Vatersay, and then climbing to the top of Heisival Mor, the highest point on Vatersay. From the top I had a great view down to Traigh Bharlish (first photo) and the Vatersay Causeway (second photo).

Traigh Bharlish seen from the slopes of Heishival Mor
Vatersay causeway seen from the slopes of Heishival Mor
From the top of Heishival Mor I descended to the sea to take a look at the fortress isles of Birisalum, and then headed north to Traigh Bharlish. It is an amazing beach, and there was not another soul around. From the beach, a mile and a half hike took me to the causeway, where I caught the bus back to Castlebay. Next time we'll see the two small beaches that lie on the northeast tip of Vatersay.

Traigh Bharlish seen from the south
Traigh Bharlish seen from the north
Traigh Bharlish seen from Traigh Bharlish

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