Thursday, September 4, 2014

St Charmaig's Cave - Eilean Mor

Tiny Eilean Mor of St Charmaig lies two miles off the coast of Knapdale. If you do not know anyone with a boat the only way to see it is via a private charter. It is a remarkable island, both for the church ruin, and the cave of St Charmaig with its two incised crosses. I wanted to visit the island after reading about it in MEM Donaldson's epic tome Further Wanderings; Mainly in Argyll (1926). In it she describes two visits to the island and her descent into the dark pit of St Charmaig's cave.

I wanted to drop down into the cave, too. But when I looked inside I saw that the cave floor was eight feet below the entrance. It would be an easy drop down, but there was no way I could pull myself back up. (The boatman had to pull MEM Donaldson out of the pit). And so I settled for sitting on the lip of the entrance to take photos of the incised crosses on the cave's wall. Here are some photos of my visit to the cave.

Historic Scotland reader board below St Charmaig's Cave
St Charmaig's Cave
One of the two crosses incised on the cave wall

The two crosses

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