Saturday, October 4, 2014

Dun Torcuill

Dun Torcuill is possibly the best of the causewayed brochs on North Uist. But don't take the route I did when you visit it. The broch lies a quarter mile off the A865 highway, and I thought it would be easy to get to the dun by leaving the highway at its nearest point. But barb-wire fences lined the banks of several streams, and it was a slow struggle to find safe places to cross the streams (and the fences). 

But I did manage to reach the dun, and carefully walked across the slimy stones of the causeway to get a close up look at this amazing structure.

Dun Torcuill

Inside Dun Torcuill

Instead of returning the way I came, I headed northwest towards a small hill called Laiaval. The OS map indicates there's a holy well on the hill dedicated to St Columba, Tobar Chaluim Cille, so I headed for it. But unlike Dun Torcuill, the well was a disappointment, a muddy pool near some rocks in a field trampled by cattle (see last photo). From the well it was an easy walk to the nearby B893. If you want to see Dun Torcuill, start your walk from the B893.

Tobar Chaluim Cille

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