Monday, October 27, 2014

The Mermaids of Raasay

The mermaids of Raasay, which date to the 1840s, were originally intended to sit astride the entrance to Raasay House. But they turned out to be too heavy, so they were left on the battery at Clachan. Their expense, along with alterations to Raasay House, helped bankrupt the last MacLeod of Raasay, who was forced to sell out and emigrate in 1846. Clachan has seen a lot of changes since I took these photos in 1995. It is now where the car ferry from Skye lands, and so these not particularly attractive mermaids now greet everyone who visits Raasay.

Mermaid #1 (Raasay House in the distance)
Mermaid #2

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  1. ha ha I heard the story was that they were "too ugly" for Raasay House's welcoming steps but were better put to use on The Battery. Either way they are certainly eye-catching and bizarre landmarks here on our beautiful little island.