Monday, January 5, 2015

Getting to Eigg

These days you walk onto the ferry at Mallaig, and then walk directly onto Eigg via the ferry Lochnevis. Prior to that the Loch Mor waited off Glamisdale, and passengers and supplies were loaded onto the flit-boat MV Ulva. I never had the pleasure of doing that. The only time I saw MV Ulva was while returning from Rum in June of 2000. After departing from Rum, MV Loch Mor stopped off of Eigg, and several people, and pallets of supplies - food, beer and coal - were loaded onto Ulva.

Ulva underway off Glamisdale
The Ulva approaches Loch Mor
All the necessities: beer, cider, crisps and coal
MV Ulva - Kildonan Church can be seen in the trees on the hillside
Another way to get to Eigg was (and is) via MV Sheerwater out of Arisaig. I have taken the Sheerwater on two occasions. Once was from Arisaig to Eigg (book 1, chapter 24), and the other time was a trip from Eigg to Muck and back (book 1, chapter 26). Unfortunately I have no photos of her at Eigg, but here are two from Muck. 

Sheerwater passing the RO/RO slip as it approaches Muck
Amy of Muck and Sheerwater at the old Port Mor jetty
The days of the flit-boats are gone, and MV Lochnevis is the main way to get to Eigg. From a tourist standpoint that makes the journey less of an adventure, but for those who have to make the journey regularly it's a good thing.

Although I've taken Lochnevis to Eigg, the only photos of her I have were taken while hiking in the hills east of Mallaig. The last photo was taken from the slopes of Cruach Mhalaig, and shows Lochnevis tied up to the pier. Also shown are the ferries MV Western Isles and the Mallaig-Armadale ferry (it think it's MV Coruisk).

Mallaig Harbour with the MV Western Isles, MV Lochnevis and MV Coruisk

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