Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Farthest Flannans

Those who are lucky enough to get ashore on the Flannans usually only set foot on one of the Seven Hunters: Eilean Mor, the lighthouse island. Due to the mystery of the missing lightkeepers, Eilean Mor gets all the publicity. But the three farthest Flannans, Brona Cleit, Roareim and Eilean a Ghobha, are also amazing places, as they host a large gannetry nearly as impressive as Sulaisgeir.

Eilean a' Ghobhar, Brona Cleit and Roareim seen from atop Eilean Mor
In 2004 I was on a trip that sailed past these outliers on the way to St Kilda. I have never read anywhere that there were bird-hunter bothies on Roareim, but I did see some sort of stone structures on the island (see last photo). It was a wet, grey, dreary day, and all my photos turned out wet, grey and dreary. I hope to return in the future to get some better photos. 

Eilean a' Ghobhar, Brona Cleit and Roareim seen from the sea
Natural arch on Roareim
The white dots are gannets
Bothy ruins on Roareim?

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