Friday, March 22, 2013

Jura Journey - Day 2

Our first stop is near Jura House. Its grounds and walled garden were once a must see stop for anyone visiting the island. Sadly, since my visit in 2010, they have been closed to the public. Below the house is a beach of singing sands like those on Eigg. But I've never had the chance to make them sing.

Although the house grounds are closed you can still explore this southernmost part of the island. A wonderful coastal walk leads to the bay of Poll a Cheo. Here you will find the ruin of Jura's only known Neolithic chambered cairn, Cladh Chlainn Iain (burial ground of the Macdonalds). Its two portal stones still stand, and chances are that if you make the effort to see it you will have it all to yourself.

Jura House
Rest stop on the way to Poll a Cheo
Cladh Chlainn Iain
Cladh Chlainn Iain
Brosdale Island seen from the walk to Poll a Cheo


  1. Wow what great weather you had on Jura. We explored some of the west and north coast in 2011 (using a boat to access the coast) but suffered monsoon conditions. It was still wonderful and dramatic and we did encounter otters up close. And saw the extraordinary raised beaches.

    1. I was indeed fortunate with the weather on that trip. I envy you, I have not been to the north side raised beaches, so I need to go back.