Thursday, June 6, 2013

Flannan Isles 2

This small bay between Eilean Taigh and Eilean Mor is the only anchorage at the Flannans. Here you can see the east landing stage at the base of the cliffs on Eilean Mor. The sea must be calm to get on to it, and people have been injured trying to land here. Although the odds are against a landing, I was lucky. On my first visit we managed to land, but on a second visit, a few years later, a heavy swell precluded any attempt to get ashore, so we had to head out to St Kilda (a great consolation prize).

Once ashore it is a short climb up the old tram-track to the top of the island. In the 1970s the track was torn out, and in its place a vehicle called the gnat hauled supplies up to the lighthouse. You can see a photo of the gnat in action here. Next Monday we'll get up top and have a look around.

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