Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flannan Isles 5

It is time to head down to the infamous West Landing. The walk down the crumbling stairways to see it is an experience to remember, especially if the sea is churning.

This is the upper platform. It is here they think a blow-back of surf from a depression in the cliff (which you can see to the right) swept the men away. 

Upper Platform - West Landing
Getting to the lower landing from above can be tricky. The stairway down to it has washed away, and when I was there the slimy, black-stone bedrock was too slick to cross, so I had to settle for this view from above. Tomorrow we'll leave this wild spot and climb to the top of the island to take in the view.

Lower platform - West Landing


  1. We tried to land here and failed (and there was too much swell on the other side). The landing party got ashore but couldn't get up that slimy slippery slope. Maybe another time....

    1. There will be another time. Keep trying, it's worth it.