Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Man of Scarp

I drove down to Husinish yesterday. It is at the end of the long and windy road heading west from Tarbert (Harris). I drove there to take a look at Scarp, and pay a visit to a man I met on Scarp a few years ago. The man is Brian Harper, and he is an amazing fellow. He has a house on Scarp, and is also renovating one in Husinish. The photos below show him motoring in on his RIB after taking two men, a dog, supplies, and a large propane tank over to Scarp. His RIB has built in wheels on the back so he can haul it up the jetty by himself. 

Brian nearly back from Scarp

Brian pulls the RIB onto Husinish Jetty


  1. Looks cold there! Did the boots still fit or did they shrink? Dad wants to know if the boots asked "where the hell have you been?"

    1. Boots were a bit moldy. I have hiked some 40 miles in them now and they still fit like a glove.