Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Tale of Two Boots - Epilogue

On Thursday I arrived on Harris and drove to Renigidale. Once there I stopped in to see Kenny Mackay, a long time resident of the village. Kenny had kindly stored my wayward boots until I could collect them. They were a bit moldy, and the metal lace-hasps and eyelets have a fine green patina, which I guess I should not rub off if I ever want to sell them on Antiques Roadshow. Aside from that they are fine, and I have already gone on two hikes wearing them. I was hoping to get to Mealasta Island today, but the weather is awful and the trip has been cancelled. So how shall I spend a stormy day on Lewis?

The wayward boots are back - that's Eilean Iubhaird in the distance

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