Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lighthouse Cruise 2 - Monachs

I have tried to get ashore on Shillay of the Monachs a few times, but it is a tricky landing and the sea needs to be calm. The seas were not optimal, but the skilled seamanship of our skipper, Mark Henrys, allowed us to land for a brief visit. The old light tower, built by the Stevenson's in 1864, was shutdown in WWII but reactivated in 2008. 

Were were then set ashore on the west side of nearby Ceann Iar for a few hours. When I reached the east side of Ceann Iar the tide was on the rise, but it was low enough to allow me to cross over to Shivinish, the middle isle of the Monachs. If I had been there an hour earlier I could have walked to Ceann Ear, the east isle of the group.