Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A View to Eilean Tighe

During a week-long stay on South Rona I had the chance to visit Eilean Tighe (House Island), which you can see off in the distance in this photo of Rona Chapel and burial ground. Bill Cowie, who manages Rona, took a group over to Kyles Rona, and on the way there he dropped me off on Eilean Tighe. I explored most of the island, including the ruined house, then, as it was low tide, I could walk over the narrow pebbly beach that separates the island from Kyles Rona, the northern tip of Raasay.

All  I knew about Eilean Tighe at the time was that the postman lived there that once delivered the mail to Rona. He'd row over to Rona, then walk all the way to the lighthouse and back. A few months after my visit to Eilean Tighe Bill Cowie sent me a copy of 'Whirligig Beetles and Tackety Boots'. It was written by Julia MacKenzie, the daughter of Norman Cumming, who had been the Rona Postman. How I wish I'd read it before going to the island. It is a hard-to-find book, and a short look today revealed only one copy available. As soon as I can find where I put them I will share some photos of Eilean Tighe.

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