Monday, November 18, 2013

Barra Campsite

On occasion I roll the dice and go to Scotland with a tent and sleeping bag. The gamble is if the checked luggage with all my camping gear will make it over the Atlantic. Three times now my bags have been lost, so I usually come over with only carry-on. Much less stress. But that means the tent and sleeping bag have to stay home.

But the times when my gear did not get lost were memorable. Here is a photo of a Barra Campsite near Dun Ban, just south of the white sands of Halaman Bay. The first photo shows camp set up with all the essentials at hand: water, beer, and uisge-beatha. The second photo was taken later that day, an hour before the sun set over the Atlantic. Conditions were ideal, so at sunset I looked for the Green Ray, but it did not occur.

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