Sunday, November 17, 2013

Northern Isles - Mousa Broch

I will be venturing to the Orkneys for a few weeks this spring. I have not been to the Northern Isles for nearly 20 years. So in preparation for the trip I'm digging out photos from my visit to Orkney in 1990 and Shetland in 1995.

I not only have to dig them out, but I also need to scan them. Although that's a pain, I do, in some ways, miss the film days. In my basement is a large set of photo albums of Scotland and Ireland trips from 1988 to 2005. But as I began to use digital cameras in 2006 I no longer added additional albums. And so from 2007 on all I have are collections of photo CDs and other file storage devices. I miss not having albums I can easily pull out and look through.

As I go through photos from 1990 and 1995 I will scan the more interesting ones and share them here on occasion over the coming months. We'll start with these photos of Mousa Broch, which as you can see my wife and I visited on a very gray day. The first photo was taken with one of those cheap throw-away panoramic film cameras. Back in those days I would always take one on a trip. These days photo stitching software can create much better panoramas out of two or three separate photos.

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