Tuesday, January 21, 2014


My first Hebridean cruise was on Annag, a 40-foot long Sun Fizz sailboat. Based in Berneray Harbour, she usually does six-day runs to St Kilda. As described in chapter 14 (book 2), my journey to Berneray to join Annag started with a 222-mile drive from Glasgow Airport to Uig (Skye). The next day I took the ferry to Lochmaddy, and then drove to Berneray. If I'd made the trip a year earlier I'd of had to take another ferry to reach Berneray. But in late 1998 the causeway was opened, and so when I was there in 1999 I could drive to the island. In the first photo you can see the old Berneray car ferry tied up behind Annag.

The Kilda trip on Annag was one of the best sea-travel experiences I've had. The skipper, Donald Wilke, knew his stuff, and could sail the boat single handed. In addition, the owner at the time, Iain Murray, also arranged for me to get a camping permit, and so I was able to spend a night ashore. It was a memorable evening. I had a few drams in the busy Puff-Inn, and then wandered in the dark through the village before crawling into my tiny tent.

Annag in Berneray Harbour - the old Berneray ferry behind it
Annag approaches Kilda
Heading to Boreray and the Stacks
Kilda Campsite
Anchored in the bay are (left to right): Hebridean Princess, Poplar Diver, Annag and Cuma
Aboard Annag

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