Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Green Flash - Staffa

While looking at beer in the supermarket this weekend I saw something that made me think of the Hebrides. What I saw transported me back to the times I'd stood atop the cliffs of Staffa, looking down to the collonaded face of Fingal's Cave. 

I also recalled being on Staffa (next photo) and looking towards the western horizon, where the green flash was seen by Helena and Oliver in Jules Verne's 'The Green Ray'.

Although I've looked for it many times, I have not seen the green flash that occasionally appears as the sun sinks into the sea. But I look for it every chance I get. So what did I see on a store shelf in Seattle that made me think of Staffa in the far off Hebrides?  It was a bottle of ale with the following label. I'll have to smuggle some of it to Staffa, await sunset, and then try my luck again to see the flash.

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