Friday, January 24, 2014

Twin Otter G-BVVK

I have been posting on boats that have taken me to the Hebrides. But it occured to me that I should mention another vessel, one that took me to Barra and Tiree, and that is Twin Otter tail number G-BVVK. It was quite an adventure when, on a snowy February afternoon, I first flew on her to Barra. Here are a few photos of G-BVVK, which I hope to fly on again someday.

G-BVVK on a rainy day at Glasgow Airport
The view out the window to Tiree
The view out the window to Erraid (on the way to Tiree)
G-BVVK lands at the Reef (Tiree)
Preparing to leave Tiree
G-BVVK on the approach to Barra Beach
A summer arrival on Barra Beach
Cleared for takeoff - Barra Beach

A snowy day on Barra Beach

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