Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jura Journey - Day 6

After a night in the car I set out to walk to Glengarrisdale, the site of an old MacLean castle and where Maclean's Skull was once to be found. Nothing beats an early morning start, the air is crisp, the shadows sharp, and the adders fast asleep.
Early Morning shadows on the way to Glengarrisdale - but no brocken spectre
Halfway point - the adders are awakening
I am not joking about the adders. In all my years of island hiking I'd never seen one until right after the next photo was taken. The little fellow was coiled, and hissing up a storm as I approached. I was so tired from lack of sleep that I did not hear the hissing until I almost stepped on him. But I did hear him, and was able to step aside in time. His wee hiss had not been much of a warning. Poisonous snakes should at least have the courtesy to rattle.
Loch on the way to Glengarrisdale
Approaching Glengarrisdale
The bothy seen from the site of Aros Castle - Scarba in the distance
Creature comforts in the bothy
Bothy Attic Accomodation
After exploring the bothy I had second thoughts on my decision to sleep in the car the previous night. I could of had a fire, and been quite comfortable. But it was good that I'd not tried to do that. I would have gotten here late, and this terrain is tricky enough to cross in daylight, let alone in the dark.

After finding where Maclean's Skull once rested, and leaving a similar token to mark my visit, I stumbled upon the gamekeeper's ATV track, which made for a longer, but easier return to the road.
The gamekeeper's track


  1. wow man that really takes me back to a special place. Enjoyed your writing and especially the photos they are so sharp and have amazing saturation. You might like to check out my Jura blogs especially 'Jura- how the west was won' at Mark- Alder.blogspot.co.uk, for some reason the photos have disappeared but I plan to go back there hopefully this summer with a better camera and do this place justice. Superb Island, well done marc, slide on Bothy Brother!

    1. Thanks Mark. I enjoyed the description of your hike down the west coast of Jura. It is a hiker's paradise - even with the midges... which I prefer over the crowds, anytime.