Monday, December 16, 2013

Island Phone Boxes - 1

Although I have seen a few, I've not seen all the 'unique' western-island phone boxes. By 'unique', I mean where there is, or was, only one phone-box on the island. Rum, Muck, Canna, Scarp, Tannara Mor and Soay come to mind. Over the next few posts we'll see some of those, along with other island boxes I've found in interesting spots. How I wish I'd taken a photo of the box on Rum. I am not sure if it is still there, but when I last tried it I wasted a few coins unsuccessfully trying to call the mainland.

We'll start with the abandoned red-box on Tannara Mor. There is a new box on the island, located a half mile north by the post office, but it is not quite as picturesque. Next time we will visit the most famous red-box in the Scottish Isles: the one above Carsaig on Mull that appeared in the movie 'I Know where I'm Going'.

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