Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Island Phone Boxes - 2

Island phone-boxes are special to me in that prior to the availability of mobile phones they were the only way I could call home during island trips. These days that is still the case for Canna, where there is no mobile phone coverage. The photo below is not of a unique box, in the sense that it is on Mull, where there are a dozen boxes. But it is unique in the sense that it appeared in the 1945 movie "I Know Where I'm Going". Filmed party on Mull, there is a scene where a call is made from a phone box set next to a noisy waterfall. Nearly seventy years later it is still a noisy place to make a call. The box lies about halfway down the road to Carsaig pier, and in the photo you can see the waterfall to the right of the box. 

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