Sunday, February 9, 2014

Eabhal - North Uist

Here is a view of Eabhal taken from Loch Euphort (North Uist). The low peak to the left is Burabhal, more commonly referred to as Little Eabhal. I tried to climb Big Eabhal last year. I was set ashore near the base of Little Eabhal, and given three hours. The route to Eabhal is circuitous (you have to walk all the way around an inland loch). So it took me an hour just to reach the base of Eabhal. When turnaround time came I'd only made it to the 200 metre elevation (the mountain is 347 metres high). Someday I will try again.  


  1. Awesome picture - superb Hebridean light, so serene. Hoping to be there in early July!

    1. Thanks Paul. Hope you make it to the top.