Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Strone

Here are two photos of the strone: an overhanging cliff on Sron Ulladale (North Harris). It attracts rock climbers from around the world. I have always wanted to hike in to see it up close, but the nearest I've come is the shores of Loch Resort, three miles to the north. The first photo was taken at Crola on the north (Lewis) side of Loch Resort. It shows the ruins of Luachair and, rising behind it in the distance, Sron Ulladale can be seen. The second photo shows more of the strone, as it was taken from the high ground above Kinlochresort.

Someday I will see the strone up close by doing the classic North Harris triangle loop: head north from Miavaig to Loch Bhoshimid and then on to Kinlochresort. From there head south through Glen Ulladale past the strone to Glen Chliostair, which is followed to the sea at Amhuinnsuidhe. From there a three mile road walk returns you the the starting point. Eighteen hard miles, and best done as an overnighter so you can take your time. 

Luachair with the strone in the distance (left)
The strone

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