Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gemini - 4

Another voyage on Gemini took me to the Slate Isles of Belnahua and Fladda. Belnahua is now a shell of an island, much of it quarried out to roof buildings around the world. Tiny Fladda lies a quarter mile from Belnahua, and its lighthouse and large walled garden cover almost all the available land. These days a sign on Fladda warns against landing on the island, so as to not disturb the birds. The sign was not there when I visited in 2004.

Below are a few photos from that trip. See book 1, chapter 10, for a description of the visit to the Slate Isles.

Gemini arrives in Crinan Harbour
Landing on Belnahua - Scarba in the distance (left)
Flooded quarry on Belnahua - Fladda in the distance (right)
Inside ruined quarry building - Belnahua
Gemini at Fladda
Fladda Light
Fladda light and walled garden

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